Sneakers Styled Day and Night

Posted on 04 April 2017

Sneakers are the ultimate comfy shoe. They’ve evolved from being functionally used for exercise to becoming an integral part of an outfit’s fashion statement, which can explain their rising popularity amongst celebrities and trendsetters. Being able to pair your favorite pair of kicks with an outfit for a sporty or casual look is often an easy task, but being able to dress them up can be a little bit tricky at times. We’ve found some of our favorite looks in three must have colors for sneakers that can easily be transitioned from day to night. So don’t fret if you’re looking to go out with your friends for a night of fun but don’t want to change into those 4-inch heels, these outfits with sneakers will show you how to wear your sneakers all day!

Look 1: White Sneakers

Celebrities White Sneakers Style

(Photo Credits: @tinakunakey, XPOSURE, Coveteur)


A good pair of white sneakers have become a closet staple because of their versatility. Get some brunch with your friends wearing your favorite casual dress and white sneakers then hit the town in some trousers and a classy tank. What we love about these day to night looks is their mix of both feminine charm and chic on-the-go style. Get the look with our white wedge sneakers and our low-top white sneakers!   

Trendy White Sneakers

A. Sasha-13 White Sneaker

B. Stacey-3 White Sneaker

C. Suson-2 White Sneaker 

Look 2: Black Sneakers 

Celebrities Black Sneakers Style

(Photo Credits: XPOSURE,, )

When you’re going for a night out with your friends and want to wear an eye-catching outfit but don’t want to look too over dressed, we suggest pairing the look with some black sneakers. Simple black sneakers will help keep you feeling comfy all day and dance all night, while adding some balance of the ultimate cool bad girl vibe. Complete your outfit like these trendsetters with our black wedge sneaker and our black slip-on sneaker.

Trendy Black Sneakers

A. Suson-2 Black Sneaker

B. Iris-12 Black


Look 3: Metallic Sneakers

Celebrities Metallic Sneakers Style(Photo Credits: Splash, x17online, Splash)

Give your outfit a shimmering pop with metallic sneakers. Just like accessorizing with jewelry, wearing metallic sneakers makes your outfit appear to be more dressed up which makes them a great choice for wearing them day and night. Gold and silver sneakers pair seamlessly with almost any outfit and easily dress up your casual outfits while also keeping you comfy! Get the look with our metallic gold and silver sneakers!

Trendy Metallic Sneakers

A. Globe Trotter High Top Sneakers

B. Suson-1 Gold Sneakers

C. Stacey-3 Silver Sneakers


We hope you feel inspired by these day to night looks like us! Make sure to tag @angelinashoetique to show us how you styled your sneakers from day to night. 

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