21 Road Trip Essentials

Posted on 21 April 2017

It is pretty wild to think that summer is just around the corner already. A road trip throughout the United States can be a great way to bond with your friends and family to celebrate summer and create some incredible memories. However, one of the downsides of vacation can be trying to figure out what to pack, especially for a road trip. You don't want to overpack and make your load too heavy with unnecessary items but you also don't want to regret not packing something or have to take extra time out of your trip to have to stop and make a purchase for something you should have packed. While bringing your drivers license, skin care items, toothbrush, and phone may all seem obvious, what about all of the other essentials? We've compiled a list of 21 road trip essentials that will help your road trip run smoothly and keep you covered for multiple scenarios. 

Health Necessities:

Road Trip Essentials

1. Having some hand sanitizer on deck when going on a road trip is an absolute essential to keep your hands clean, especially if there is no restroom in sight. Using some hand sanitizer is perfect after pumping you're own gas, before eating some food with your hands, or after being out in public and touching plenty of surfaces or doors.

2. While you hope that you and your traveling partners don't have to use it, in the event that anyone needs a bandaid for a blister, small cut, or scrape having a first aid kit will help add some relief to the situation. 

3. Sunscreen is a necessity for any time that you spend out in the sun, especially if it is for an extended period. Even if you're not prone to burning, sunscreen is still recommended to block harmful UV rays which can cause aging and damage the skin. What we love about this Shiseido sunscreen is that is formulated to withstand water as well as safe to put on your face and body. 

Weather Prepared:

Road Trip Essentials

4. Sunglasses are not only cute to wear to complete a chic outfit but they're also great for protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays. If you're going anywhere that has a lot of sun, you'll definitely want to pack these!  

5. Even in places such as sunny southern California, sometimes summer rains do come, and when they do you will want to be prepared. To keep yourself dry from summer rains we suggest packing an umbrella with summer print to brighten up the gloomy weather!

6. Staying hydrated is an absolute must, especially during the summer when the weather is warmer. Having a refillable water bottle is a great way to ensure that you won't get dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful for maintaining healthy skin and hair, so make sure you stay hydrated! We're loving this well suited for summer tropical print by S'well which is perfect to bring for your summer getaway.  

Beauty Essentials:

Road Trip Essentials7. If you're spending some time outdoors where showers aren't necessarily easily available and it is time to wash your hair, bring some dry shampoo along to keep the greasy hair at bay. Even if you're staying in a hotel dry shampoo is still perfect to bring just in case you're wanting to wash your hair but are on a time crunch. 

8. While you may have just treated yourself to a spa day with a fresh manicure and pedicure, we still recommend bringing a manicure set in the event of a filing or other nail emergency. 

9. If you're driving with the windows rolled down, out in a windy area, going for a hike, or just feel like throwing your hair up, bring a pack of hair ties. It is always to pack some extras in the event one goes missing. Also, hair ties can be useful for things outside of your hair such as securing bags or serving as an alternative key ring.

Stay Comfy:

Road Trip Essentials

10. Whether you're stopping by a body of water or looking to picnic in a grassy area, bringing a beach towel is great to have on hand for drying or simply just to lay on.

11. Being in the car can for long hours can be a bit exhausting and uncomfortable. Pack a neck pillow to stay comfortable and to prevent waking up from a nap with neck pain. 

12. Leaving the comfort of your own bed and car naps can be a bit uncomfortable at times. To make the process more comfortable, we suggest bringing a throw that is easy to pack and light enough to carry but still can keep you warm. 

Electronic Backups: 

Road Trip Essentials

13. When you're out exploring and don't have time charge your phone in an outlet or there isn't any around you'll want to make sure to bring an external portable phone battery charger to make sure that your phone doesn't die and hinder any plans.

14. Bringing walkie talkies perfect if you're entering areas where there isn't any cell phone service and are traveling in more than one car or if your group is dividing the itinerary and needs an alternative way to stay connected.

15. If you're exploring the outdoors or driving on a road that isn't well lit and need to step out of the car for a moment, you'll for sure want to have a flashlight for safety purposes.

Just In Case:

Road Trip Essentials

16. For that I accidentally left my car lights on all night and now my battery is dead moment or when roadside assistance will take too long to reach you, having a roadside emergency kit will give you some peace of mind and help you get back on the road again.

17. If you're wishing you pulled over at the last gas station you saw or aren't sure where the nearest one is, having some Magic Tank will help extend the life of your fuel so you can keep on driving without worrying.

18. A place without cell phone service may seem like something out of a horror movie in 2017 but it also not uncommon, especially when going on a road trip. Even if you know the route you'll be taking has reliable service or your car has GPS built into it, having a road atlas as a back up is always a good idea for that just in case moment. 

Day To Night Shoes:

Day To Night Shoes

19. Our City Chic Tassel Bootie goes with just about everything and can be worn for every season. Whether you're exploring the desert of the American southwest or are walking around an urbanized coastal hub, you'll want to pack this bootie!

20. A sneaker that can be worn at both day and night is must have for a road trip. Our Stacey-3 White Sneaker can be paired perfectly with both casual and dressed up looks. Wear it with shorts during the day and a dress during the night for a comfortable yet chic outfit.  

21. Sandals are the quintessential summer shoe. What we love about our Wrapped Up Sandals is that it can easily transition from the beach to walking around town to grabbing a cocktail with your friends at night.


We hope you're feeling even more excited and inspired to go on a road trip this summer! Show us your summer road trip adventure and how you styled our shoes for summer by tagging us @angelinashoetique. 


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