New Year, New SKIN

Posted on 28 December 2016


During the winter, the cold weather can be less than forgiving on our skin. It can leave our skin feeling tight and parched. Staying out for late-night holiday parties and consumption of alcohol doesn’t help with adding back moisture into our fragile skin either. So it comes to no surprise, that Rose and it’s amazing moisturizing/ healing/ therapeutic properties is something we’ve been just crazily obsessed about.

The smell of roses has a way of instantly brightening our days. They have been used for many therapeutic benefits that can help heal many health conditions. The rose has molecular properties that can completely regenerate and replenish the skin so deep that it can combat any irritations or signs of aging.

Research and personal experiences tell us that rose oil can improve acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, improve depression, reduce rosacea and naturally increase libido.

We thought we’d share some popular rose products that will help bring back that dewy glow, and moisture that your skin is craving for. In addition to supple skin, we wanted to heighten our senses by adding some fan-favorite rose scents as well.

SHOP Serum: Fresh and Khus +Khus 


SHOP Masks: Fresh and Sicily 

SHOP Facial Mist: Mario Badescu and Herbivore

SHOP Lotion: L'Occitane and Le Labo

SHOP Perfume: Chloe and Louis Vuitton 

Whether or not your skin is feeling parched, the great benefits of incorporating Rose, into your daily beauty regime can instantly revitalize your senses. Besides being visually appealing, and brightening up your face and space, they have major healing powers for your skin. Take the time to pamper yourself this New Year, and embrace that new skin!


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