Must-Have Spring Colors

Posted on 18 March 2017

Here comes the sun! The Spring countdown is almost over and this is the perfect time to put our dark and warm clothes back in the closet and wear beautiful bright colors to coordinate with shiny and sunny spring days. But is your closet ready with all the trendy colors for this season? In case you want to take a final look, we prepared a guide with all the must-have colors for Spring 2017 direct from the runway. Choose from bright reds to lapis blue and look gorgeous matching with our trendy Angelina's spring shoes!



Bright reds dominated the runaway this season not only for the always-in-red Valentino, but other designers such as Balenciaga and Balmain also had the color in chiffon and jersey knit. What color can be so intense, sexy and dramatic at the same time? Don’t be afraid to wear an entire bright red look, by the way, this is a statement style for the season! Get a long chiffon red dress or wear an all-red look combining paints with a cropped top and pair with our spring chunky heels.



Lapis Blue is back as one of the strongest colors for spring. Pantone included this blue vibrant tone as one of the key-colors for 2017 and the good news is that they were actually right! Designers such as Lanvin and Louis Vuitton had it on the runway in chiffon and lace but this beautiful color looks pretty in almost every material. Be bold and have a monochromatic lapis blue look pairing with our Didi spring sandals in tan or black and look gorgeous. 



What can be more springy than yellow? We love the color for Spring/Summer seasons: It’s full of energy and so vibrant for hot days. For 2017 you can choose from a more delicate pastel yellow or the super bright primrose yellow, chosen by Pantone as one the key-colors of the year together with Lapis Blue. We don’t want to sound repetitive, but when talking about colors for spring 2017, choose monochromatic looks! For Pastel Yellow, wear feminine fabrics such as chiffon and lace and pair with our Ariana black peep toe heel. If you want to wear the bold primrose yellow, pair it with our beautiful Josie pointed toe pump in silver.


We all love to look pretty in pink! It’s so easy to look fabulous wearing this color, either for a date night or a weekend brunch. For Spring 2017 we can also choose from a pastel shade to a bright-intense pink. The color hit the spring runway from Chanel, who had the romantic Pale Pink, to Valentino, who presented a collection in bold and intense fuchsia. If you don’t want to wear the color head-to-toe, choose one statement piece and add a bright pop up to your look pairing with our trendy Metro chunky heels in tan. But in case you're feeling pink and want a monochromatic fuchsia look, match with our Ibiza Wedge


Warm neutrals are so classic and sophisticated and for this Spring the hazelnut tone was a very strong color on the runway. This earth tone is actually great for all-year-round because of its versatility of combinations with any other colors. A must-have piece for Spring 17 is the hazelnut trench coat, perfect for the seasonal transition this piece is also very versatile to wear at any occasion. We love to match this tone with every color, but if you want to wear it head-to-toe, choose our trendy Daisy nude chunky heel or keep it classic wearing black with our Emelia comfortable wedges.

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