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Posted on 09 June 2017

Angelina was founded in California, specifically Los Angeles, so we definitely have a special place in our hearts for this city. Los Angeles offers many unique events and permanent hot spots. This spring the Museum Of Ice Cream aka Instagram heaven came to California from New York. We were thrilled to finally be able to check it out and we must say this place is worth checking out! We will be highlighting our favorite rooms and visitor tips so keep on reading to learn more about our experience.


Phone A Friend

Museum Of Ice Cream

Once you enter the museum, the first room includes a wall decorated with sweet treats and an ice cream cart with mini chocolates that visitors are able to select one as a starting snack. This is where one of the employees will give you some information about the museum and the rules. Once you move onto the next room, they tell you are not allowed to go back and there is only a bathroom at the end of the exhibit so try to go before you arrive! Next you will enter a pink door that is modeled after the infamous one in Palm Springs, and this brings you to the pink telephone room. Get a photo here just like Kim Kardashian West and North!


LA All Day

Museum Of Ice Cream

The third room of the museum is modeled after the LA area. You'll first come across this adorable banana leaf print background, which is incredibly reminiscent of The Beverly Hills Hotel. On the floor there are stars akin to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, with funny puns of celebrity names with a twist such as "Marilyn Mintroe", "Vanessa Fudgens", and "Scoop Dogg". The other two walls are an homage to Venice Beach and the Hollywood Sign. This is also the first room that offers ice cream! They switch out the flavors and on this particular day they were serving ice cream from Salt & Straw.     


This Exhibit Is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Museum Of Ice Cream

After you exit the LA themed room, you'll come across the some swings surrounded by banana wall paper which is a perfect spot to take a Boomerang video. Next you'll enter this unique instillation that is absolutely bananas! The colorful pairing is of pink and yellow is quite the site and once you visit you'll understand why this room is so popular. Picture tip: be patient, while this may seem obvious, you'll come to see that these rooms aren't very big but that there is relatively large crowd despite purchasing tickets for time slots. Give yourself time to take pictures, while the website recommends giving yourself about 45 minutes, it could easily take you up to 2 hours to get all those great shots.


Mint Condition

Museum Of Ice Cream

In the mint room you'll encounter another ice cream stop serving delicious mint mochi ice cream. In this room they have a variety of mint plants growing that you can actually water. Another charming part about this room is some positive messaging on one of the walls that says "A FRESH START IS ALWAYS AN OPTION THIS ROOM IS FOR YOU" which we find refreshing!


When Life Gives You Lemons

Museum Of Ice Cream

More positive messaging? Yes please! The next room was created in partnership with @lolliswim and has a fun 70s vibe to it. You'll also find a pink metallic mirror and arcade claw machine where you can try to win something in this room.


Beary Cute

Museum Of Ice Cream

Our next favorite room was the gummy bear room. Here you'll find an assortment of different colored cute bears along with some neon lights. This is another sweet treat spot where you can get some yummy gummy bears.



Swimmingly Well

Museum Of Ice Cream

(Photo Credit: @museumoficecream)

One of the most popular attractions you've probably seen on social media is the sprinkle pool. They aren't real sprinkles, but they sure are fun to play in. This room does have a time limit so you can't spend all your time lounging with the heart shaped floaty in the sprinkle pool but they do give you a generous amount of time to enjoy yourself and take multiple pictures as well as cubby lockers so you can store your belongings while in the pool. 


 The Ice Cream Breakfast Club

Museum Of Ice Cream

The very last room is the largest and is segmented into a couple of different parts including the gift shop. You'll find some more engaging surprises here including a swing and table tennis set up where you can play a game. Our favorite part of this room was this delicious ice cream sandwich! Made fresh, this ice cream sandwich had a scoop of vanilla sandwiched in between two mini pink pancakes.


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