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Posted on 07 April 2017

Easter is almost here! With rabbits, baby chicks, and eggs filled with treats, Easter arguably has some of the most adorable holiday decorations. Whether you're hosting your own celebration or are just looking to make something to give to your family and friends this Easter, we've got you covered with some incredibly cute and easy DIY ideas that are sure to impress all who see your creation!


Idea 1: Rabbit Candy Jars

Easter Rabbit Jar DIY 2017

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This adorable play on a classic cookie jar is sure to amaze the recipient! Not only is this gift festive but the jar can also be reused for other items or simply for decoration which makes it a great gift. While we love the idea of filling the jar with candy, feel free to swap out the candy and place in any item of your choice.

What You Will Need:

1. Easter Grass or Crinkle Paper Shred of your choice

2. Jelly Beans

3. Clean Glass Jar (New or Recycled)

4. Spray Paint

5. Rabbit Figurine ( can be found here)

6. Hot Glue or Superglue


1. Remove the lid from the jar and glue the rabbit figurine onto the lid of the jar.

2. After the the rabbit figurine has dried onto the lid, place outside into a well aerated space and spray paint. Allow to dry in a safe place. 

3. Once rabbit figurine lid is dried, wipe clean.

4. Place Easter grass/crinkle paper shred into the clean glass jar, then add Jelly Beans. 

5. Cover with rabbit figurine lid.


Idea 2: Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Gold Confetti Easter Egg DIY

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Take your Easter Egg decorating skills to the next level with this simple yet gorgeous decorating idea! We love this twist to the traditional painted Easter Egg because it is modern yet simple and incredibly easy to do.

What You Will Need:

1. Hard Boiled or Hollowed Eggs

2. Craft Paint

3. Paint Brushes

4. Drying Rack (here)

5. Decoupage Glue/ Mod Podge

6. Gold Foil Confetti (here)


1. Paint Eggs and let them completely dry on Drying Rack

2. Once the eggs are completely dry, use a paint brush to paint on the glue on the desired portion of the egg and sprinkle immediately with the gold foil confetti.

3. Set on drying rack until completely dry.

(Image and Directions from


Idea 3: Peep's Soap

Easter Peeps Soap DIY

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Once you see Peeps at the store, you know Easter is right around the corner. Put your own spin on this iconic holiday treat by making some soap bars inspired by Peeps! Doesn't matter if you're young or old, male or female, everyone loves a good soap bar which makes this the perfect Easter DIY gift. If you're hosting your own Easter celebration, we suggest using this DIY as decoration that your guest can take home as a souvenir gift.

What You Will Need:

1. Wilton's Peeps Mold (here

2. White Glycerin Soap Base (here)

3. Soap Color Dye (here and here)

4. Plastic Cups

5. Stirring Sticks


(Directions From

1. Following the instructions on the packaging, melt about 1/3 of the soap block. I say 1/3 because I found it easier to melt little by little since I was using so many different colors. Once the soap has melted, quickly pour the soap into plastic cups. If you’re doing multiple colors like me, you really only need to fill them about halfway. Drop soap coloring into each cup until desired color has been reached. Stir well and quickly poor into mold. Note: Make sure you act quickly in adding the color, stirring, and pouring into the mold because the melted soap will harden up on you quicker than you think. It’s similar to dealing with candle wax. Repeat this step until your Peep molds have been filled.

Step 2: Let soap (in the molds) sit out for about 45 minutes or until hardened.

Step 3: Once soap has hardened, take your Peeps soap out of the mold. I loved that the mold was made of silicone making it easy for you to remove the soap. 


We hope you love these Easter 2017 DIY ideas as much as we did and are feeling inspired to get crafty! Show us what you beautifully created this Easter by tagging us @angelinashoetique and have a fun and safe Easter!  

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