Breaking in Your Fall Booties

Posted on 24 October 2016

Whenever we buy a new pair of shoes sometimes we CAN'T wait to wear them immediately. Sometimes this results in blisters when we haven't broken into the  shoes yet. So, we're here to share a few of our favorite tips to breaking in your boots and booties so you don't need to go through the pain! 
Most of the times, the leather for boots may be very tough and hard, this will definitely result in blisters on your feet. 
1) Freezing: take a Ziploc gallon bag and fill it up with water. Don't forget to double bag just in case any water leaks! Stuff this large water bag into your boots and freeze them in the freezer overnight. So the magic of this freezing this is that when water is frozen it expands, which will then expand your boots, giving you more room.
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2) Socks: Another way to loosen up the stiff leather is to wear them around your house. Wear your thickest and fluffiest socks and wear your boots around the house doing your chores, cooking, and the list goes on. Wearing thick socks and moving around in your boots will ensure that the leather loosens up. 
3) Moleskin Foot Wrap: Maybe you need to wear your boots and you can't wait. Another alternative to saving your feet is by wrapping your most vulnerable spots with moleskin wrapping or moleskin bandages.
Hope these tips help, ladies!

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