2017 Health #Goals

Posted on 05 January 2017

Now that the Holidays are over…I’m sure we’re all in recovery mode with our minds/bodies (I’m guilty, as charged) from all the indulgences that was taken place over the most celebrated time of the season.   Don’t fret, because it’s a new beginning for a new YOU! The realization that we should never stop trying to be a better version of ourselves is one motivation. But, we’ve rounded up 5 goals, to help motivate you to get back on track for your New Year’s Resolution, or if you simply just want to be a better you :)

Set Smart Goals and Track your Choices


Start by writing your goals and keeping a journal of what you eat. It really helps when you keep track of everything that you’re eating by figuring out what is working and what isn’t. One of the hardest problems of eating during the holidays is balancing your health goals with the desire to relax and enjoy all the festivities. It’s tempting to just say “whatever” and wait to get back on track on January 1ST. But that leads to more frustration and guilt, along with a feeling like the weight will never come off.  Try to make small changes, by moderating your indulgences with portion control.

Snack Smarter


It’s okay to snack! Snacking during the day can help keep blood sugar levels steady and energy up—if you do it properly. Make sure to get at least some healthy fats and protein. Fats will give you sustained energy to make it through the evening, and protein is the most appetite-suppressing of all macro-nutrients. Good snacks ideas include:

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Jerky
  • A couple pieces of cheese
  • Mixed Nuts

Stay Hydrated


A lot of weight gain that we put on throughout the holiday season can be due to bloat. So if we stay hydrated, we can easily flush some of the extra sodium and bloat from our body. Additionally, if we drink water, we don’t get those false hunger cues, which is important for our metabolism and weight loss. Every time you eat or drink, your body has to work and burn calorie to process whatever’s coming in. This includes drinking water!

Change your Environment


If you know you’re prone to eat under stress, try to change the situation that you’re in. The best thing you can do to reset your mind is to adopt a new lifestyle by changing your surroundings. By changing your environment, you create a safe zone where you can combat those old triggers of emotional eating. A few tips for your success:

  1. Clean out your kitchen; your fridge, pantry cupboards, everything. Move all temptation that surrounds you, because if they are within reach, they will sabotage your success.
  2. What motivates you? Having the body of your dreams? Getting in shape to play with your kids? Whatever it is, place pictures of your motivation all around you. These images will help you embrace your new lifestyle!
  3. Surround yourself with a good support group who understand what your goals are. It’s hard to resist when temptation is everywhere, by having friends and family who understand where you need to be, it’ll be easier to reach your goals faster. Finding a workout partner and challenging each other, can also be a fun way to bring out the competitive side in you.

Go Shopping


Nothing is more motivating than a new outfit. It can give us something to look forward to when we do reach our goals. Get some new tennis shoes, new headphones, or just a new exercise outfit. I find that when I buy new workout clothes, it makes me feel like I can work out harder. It might just be all in my mind, but train the mind and you will be able to train your body to get it tight and right.

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