10 Coachella-Friendly Hats

Posted on 13 March 2017

10 Coachella Friendly Hats

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Shop the latest head gear for your music festival fashion statement. To help you choose the best hat(s) for all your summer festivities, we compiled a list of the best of now-trending summer head wear that will go perfect with a pair of Angelina Booties!

Multi-textured hats, mixing leathers with traditional straw materials, monograming, and unique brims will be the stand out trends for headwear at this summers' music events, including Coachella. Accessorize not only with the latest hat trends, but also gypsy inspired jewelry, body chains and standout sunglasses. Think flowy and comfort when it comes to clothing with peasant tops and dresses, or body suits with a soft finish and breathable fabric.

Embroidered Babe
Coachella Hats with Angelina Booties

Take any classic summer hat silhouette to the next level with beautiful embroidery. Pair with our Ethleen-6 Buckle Up Bootie for an evening concert look.

10 Coachella Friendly Hats


Pretty In Pom-Poms
Wanderlust Bootie
Stand out from the Coachella crowd in a hat adorned with cute pom-poms and our Wanderlust Booties.

10 Coachella Friendly Hats


Cute & Casual

10 Coachella Friendly Hats

Baseball Caps don't have to mean 'bad hair day.' Create an entire chic and casual look around a uniquely printed and or textured cap with one of our Combat Style Boots.

Baseball Cap With Daydreamers Combat Bootie


Bold Boater

10 Coachella Friendly Hats

Try a fashion forward boater style hat with a simple white dress and Serenity Bootie. It's sure to give you a classic, All-American look.

Classic Girl

Classy Coachella Hat with Serenity Bootie

For all the VIP Coachella goers, or those that carry themselves as such, pick up a sleek large black hat parried with our vegan leather Serenity Bootie. This 70's silloute looks amazing with a mesh maxi dress and matching fierce attitude.

10 Coachella Friendly Hats


Shady Lady

Stay cool in the concert festival sun with an over-sized straw hat which pairs great with almost any summer style. Our City Chic Tassel Bootie is a great match for your straw hat ensemble.

 Straw Hat with City Chic Booties

10 Coachella Friendly Hats


Shop our Angelina Booties for a match made in summer concert grass heaven. Vegan leather booties now available!

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